Monday, December 8, 2014

Thanissara speaks at Light for Lima Candlelight Vigil in San Francisco


Wednesday, December 10, 2014 | 4-6pm Dag Hammarskjold Plaza | E. 47th Street, NYC (between 1st & 2nd Aves.)

Climate change is the greatest threat to basic human rights: food security, access to water, employment, housing, public health and the right to live in dignity.

On Wednesday, December 10th, International Human Rights Day, New Yorkers will gather to demand that world governments address the serious threat global warming poses to human rights, especially to people living in vulnerable communities throughout the world.

This event coincides with a UN meeting in Lima, Peru, a part of the 2014-15 negotiations for a global climate treaty that will stress the urgency of the climate crisis and highlight the human rights dimension of the struggle for climate justice.

We call on the US government to take decisive action to address the climate crisis in the US and to fully commit to a legally binding global climate treaty.

We support the call for a new Global Climate Treaty to be negotiated in Paris in December 2015 to explicitly require world governments to protect the human rights of citizens affected by climate change.

We call for developed nations to fully fund the UN Green Climate Fund to support developing nations in climate mitigation and a just transition to a green economy.

Join us on December 10th in NYC as we stand in solidarity with frontline communities in NYC and nations throughout the world.

Roberto Borrero, United Confederation of Taino People; Xiuhtezcatl Roske-Martinez, Earth Guardians; Kevin Murungi, Global Kids; Jennifer Viechweg, Oxfam; Ray Rivera Figueroa, NYC Community Gardens Coalition; Christine Halvorson, Rainforest Foundation

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Co-sponsors: AmericanEthicalUnion;AuthorsforCauses;BronxClimateJusticeNorth;CampaignforPeaceandDemocracy;EarthGuardians;FoodandWaterWatch;
Fossil Free & Green NY; Global Kids; GreenFaith; Green Party of NYS; Left Labor Project; NYC Community Gardens Coalition; Responsible Endowments Coalition;
Sane Energy Project; Saving Souls Corporation; Show Up! America; Sierra Club NYC Group; Social Action Committee of Park Slope UMC; System Change Not Climate Change NYC; The Black Institute; The Mothers Project, United Confederation of Taino People; WESPAC Foundation; Widening Circles, NY, Manhattan Green Party Local

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


With our lights we can guide the way.
Candlelight interfaith vigil of prayer, witness, song, and meditation Sunday, December 7 at 4 pm
 in Union Square. 
At the vigil, representatives of different faith communities will offer one- or two-sentence prayers while lighting their candles (or solar lanterns). These lights will be symbols of our hope that the negotiations in Lima will be carried out in a spirit of love, compassion, and caring. To sign up to represent your faith community, please contact and 
Sponsored by the #LightForLima NYC Interfaith Coalition
part of the #LightForLima project of – “bringing faith to the Climate Talks” 
Co-sponsors (list in formation): GreenFaith, Sisters of Charity, Zen Center New York City Earth Initiative For more information, search #LightForLima interfaith vigil NYC on Facebook.
Part of the #LightForLima project of
World leaders will come together in Lima, Peru this December for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 20/CMP 10). They’ll be working to establish the fundamentals of a strong, global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – an agreement that we hope will then be finalized in Paris in 2015.

These leaders need to know that we’re holding their work in our thoughts, meditations and prayers. As they start their work, join us in a vigil – 

• for strong action by world governments in response to the climate crisis, including meaningful progress in Lima

• for governments to fulfill and even increase their pledges to the UN’s Green Climate Fund, which will assist poor nations in dealing with the climate crisis
• for justice for the poor, who have done the least to contribute to the climate crisis, but are most vulnerable to its effects
As citizens of the so-called First World, we recognize our responsibility for having despoiled and destabilized the global climate. As people of faith, we recognize our moral responsibility to do everything we can to reverse the worst effects of our society’s wastefulness, and to work to restore Creation. We also recognize our special responsibility to our brothers and sisters the world over who are already dealing with the devastating impacts of climate destabilization.
As people of faith we can make a difference. As humanity finally begins to grapple with this existential crisis, we must ensure that our actions are grounded in the values held by all faiths – respect for the natural environment, a passion to do justice for the vulnerable, and a deep love for one another.