Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Join Buddhist Leaders Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, Rev. Dr. T. Kenjitsu Nakagaki, Ayya Santacitta, Ayya Santussika & Thanissara for the People’s Climate March in NYC on 9/20 & 9/21

We are strongly urging all Buddhist organizations, groups and sanghas to send representatives to The People’s Climate March in New York City this September 20-21. This will be a historic event.

As you know, climate change is the greatest crisis our civilization has ever faced, according to many, many experts. The time to act is now and world leaders including President Barack Obama will be meeting in New York a few days after the March to discuss strategies for our collective future on this planet. Together we must mandate that they take positive steps towards a cleaner energy future with far less pollution. As the Buddha taught, we truly are all interdependent, so let us march as one sangha and one voice for greater climate change awareness.

Several of us will be traveling with The People’s Climate Train from San Francisco to New York, leaving from Emeryville on September 15. The first train is now FULL, but you can still join other trains here or just meet us in New York that weekend, and we sincerely hope you will.

Sign up for the March and learn about other options for participating at One Earth Sangha. We also suggest you commit to the March through New York Insight's page here.

If you cannot make the trip to NYC for the March, consider acting locally with your sangha. For a helpful link on for global mobilization, click here.

Read an important recent article about the March by Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi: ‘Moving From a Culture of Death to a Culture of Life: Mobilizing for the People’s Climate March’.


Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi: "I am going to join the March because I believe that climate change is the greatest moral challenge we face today, asking us each to take personal responsibility for the fate of humanity as a whole. It also offers us a unique opportunity to change the dominant social paradigm, from one that extols competition and commodification to one that extols cooperation and affirms the intrinsic value of all people and all living beings on this planet."

Rev. Dr. T. Kenjitsu Nakagaki, President of the Buddhist Council of New York: "I am joining the People's Climate March in order to lend my voice to the growing serious concerns about environmental issues which affect all living beings on our earth. I was so disappointed when the U.S. in 2001 rejected the "Kyoto Protocol" international agreement created by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. As time passes, more people are becoming aware of the environmental impact caused by climate change. Now is the time to appeal to governments to consider this issue together on September 21 just prior to the UN assembly. We all live on this planet, and we therefore have responsibility to take care of it well."  

Ayya Santacitta:
"I am joining the PCM out of great concern for all sentient beings on this planet. The climate crisis is an unprecedented chance for change. We need to act now!"

Ayya Santussika:
"We are all needed in NYC on Sept 21st. The more of us who come together, the more leverage we gain to move towards a bright future for every generation. That is why I'm going, to help push this thing over the top, to leave no doubt that we will act quickly and decisively. Where is the tipping point? Who knows—it could depend on you.”

 "I am joining the PCM as I believe we need to join together to energize a radically new way of being and living that ensures social justice, economic equity, and a sustainable environment that can continue to support life on earth. Time is short; action is needed now. Put everything aside, and join us if you can."

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