Thursday, September 11, 2014

Join New York Area Buddhist Leaders for the People’s Climate March in NYC on 9/21

We urge all Buddhist-affiliated groups, organizations and sanghas to strongly encourage their members to join The March on September 21 for this historic event.

The People’s Climate March is fast approaching and momentum is gathering. According to the vast majority of scientific experts, climate change is the greatest crisis our civilization has ever faced. World leaders including President Barack Obama will be meeting at the UN Climate Summit in New York on September 23 to discuss strategies for our collective future on this planet. Together we must mandate that they take definitive steps towards a cleaner energy future with greatly reduced pollution. As the Buddha taught, we are all interdependent, so let us march as one sangha and one voice for swift, effective action on climate change.

Sign up for the People’s Climate March and learn about other options for participating at the Buddhists and Other Mindful Activists site. 

Please commit to the People's Climate March through New York Insight.

If you cannot make the trip to NYC, consider acting locally with your sangha. For help, visit's global mobilization page

Watch Disruption—an extraordinary film about the March.


Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi, Founder, Buddhist Global Relief: "I am going to join the March because I believe that climate change is the greatest moral challenge we face today, asking us each to take personal responsibility for the fate of humanity as a whole. It also offers us a unique opportunity to change the dominant social paradigm, from one that extols competition and commodification to one that extols cooperation and affirms the intrinsic value of all people and all living beings on this planet."

Rev. Dr. T. Kenjitsu Nakagaki, President, Buddhist Council of New York: "I am joining the People's Climate March in order to lend my voice to the growing serious concerns about environmental issues which affect all living beings on our earth. I was so disappointed when the U.S. in 2001 rejected the "Kyoto Protocol" international agreement created by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. As time passes, more people are becoming aware of the environmental impact caused by climate change. Now is the time to appeal to governments to consider this issue together on September 21 just prior to the UN assembly. We all live on this planet, and we therefore have responsibility to take care of it well."  

Roshi Pat Enkyo O'Hara, Abbot, Village Zendo: “I am joining the People’s Climate March because all of us ‘people’ are the ones who can make change for the well being of this, our home, the Earth. We are speaking up and supporting a healthy and vibrant Earth that can feed and nourish all beings. Let us discard the old forms of exploiting our Earth and instead embrace stewardship and care. Join us and we can make a difference!”

Ven. Bhante Kondañña, Abbot, Staten Island Buddhist Vihara (Sri Lankan Buddhist Community): “I am joining with the concerned people’s march for saving our planet. This is the only planet we have to share with other millions of living beings. Every living being is important as my own life. Each one of us is responsible for saving our earth that we are living in. Due to greed and ignorance or being unable to see the danger ahead of us, many unconcerned people are polluting our mother earth in many ways. It is time to act to make them aware of it. So, I join with People’s March to support to save this planet for all people and all living beings!”

Ven. Kenpo Pema Wangdak, Abbot, Palden Sakya Centers (Tibetan Buddhist Community): “I ask Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to give us all the wisdom of protecting our earth and the power to save, even for an extended day. May they give us the strength to change the course of the potentially disastrous chain of environmental events. May they help us to see all the things, religion, spirituality, scientific progress, history, beauty, art, including our mental peace and the enlightenment, and everything that is possibly good for humanity and that humanity aspires for, and that all the living things on this little globe, all will be in vain without the healthy Mother Earth. Let us remind ourselves that it neither is too early nor too late, neither a good time or a bad time, that there is nothing more important than this living, breathing Mother Earth, and that everything else is secondary.”

Ven. Refa, President, American Buddhist Confederation (Chinese Buddhist Community): "I am joining the People's Climate March. I believe that it is a good opportunity to expand the compassion of Buddhism. It is a way to wake up leaders of the world to face the crisis of Climate Change. It is also a chance to stop overtaking the resources of the earth. That will make the world more peaceful."  

Ven. Hwikwang, Abbot, East Regional Jogye Order of North America (Korean Buddhist Community): "You may not feel that global warming is a serious problem. But, if global warming pollution and the temperature of the earth are increased more than now, it would be very harmful to everyone. On September 21st, please come out to NYC with your family, friends, and your pet if you have one and show your concern for global warming. To keep our environment safe, clean, and healthy, we need your voice and participation."

Sensei Geoffrey Shugen Arnold, Abbot, Brooklyn Zen Center: "As a Buddhist and a human being, if I am sincere in my vows to liberate all suffering, to cease from harm, and to be of benefit in this world, then to be passive or ignore the present suffering that we call 'Climate Change' would be to make my vows a farce. This may be the greatest moral and practical challenge that the human sangha has ever faced: How to face such overwhelming truths as we recognize in the state of our planet, to be fearless in the presence of fear, to be utterly committed, and to do so without hatred or denial? I hope to see you on the streets of this great city on September 21."

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