Saturday, September 13, 2014

Buddhist Partnering Orgs for the People's Climate March on 9/21

Here are some participating Buddhist-affiliated organizations already signed on as official Partners for the People's Climate March:
  • Aloka Vihara;
  • Awakening Truth;
  • Brooklyn Zen Center;
  • Buddhist Association of the United States;
  • Buddhist Collaborative for Climate Action;
  • Buddhist Global Relief;
  • Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation;
  • Community of Mindfulness/NY Metro
  • Insight Meditation Society;
  • Karuna Buddhist Vihara;
  • Natural Dharma Project;
  • New York Insight Meditation Center;
  • Newark Community Meditation Center;
  • Omega Center for Sustainable Living;
  • Omega Institute;
  • One Earth Sangha;
  • San Francisco Insight;
  • Shambhala Meditation Center of New York;
  • Shantideva Meditation Center;
  • Spirit Rock Green Group;
  • The Interdependence Project;
  • Village Zendo;
  • White Plains Zen;
  • Zen Center of NYC Earth Initiative.

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