Sunday, September 21, 2014

Latest from Thanissara: BUDDHISTS ROCK!

Here's an excerpt from Thanissara's blog, written by her friend Gayle Markow: 

The Climate March is gonna be huge. Seriously. Huge. And it will transform the movement for change. This is gonna be a wild and interesting ride. Not just the march, which is gonna be Huge. But the next few decades. Because the Earth, and mainly the survivability of our human (and lots of other) species is Seriously at risk, like Never Before. We’re moving rapidly toward what they call the “tipping point” where it will be too late to reverse, to salvage things. It’s already not clear whether we’ve already passed that point, but there seems to be some hope that we haven’t, but that also we don’t have much time, actually hardly any time.
There is a tremendous sense of urgency here. It’s contagious, and at the same time, hopeful. Because people – in large numbers – have gotten serious. I think we might be witnessing the “hundredth monkey effect." Wow. So, anyway, that was my day. If you can, get out and demonstrate tomorrow, and then be sure to watch the news, and see what kind of news we make here.”
Thanissara adds (follow her on Twitter here):
Back to NY Insight for a moment. The day included speeches on climate, Dharma, and activism, by Ayya Santacitta ("we are in climate chaos and there’s nowhere to hide"), Ayya Santussika (who reported on the Climate Train, Tar Sands and the Climate Pledge), Bhikkhu Bodhi (who talked of transforming fear into samvega – urgency – and desire into fearless compassion), David Loy ("a shift of relationship to body, self and earth"), Wes Nisker (the mystery of our cosmological reality, conveyed with humor and lightness), Rev TK ("nuclear waste is like having no toilet in your house!"), and myself (journey out of denial and reading from The Heart of the Bitter Almond Hedge Sutra.) 
Read full post here. (Photos courtesy of Thanissara)

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