Sunday, September 14, 2014

Mobilizing for the People's Climate March by Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi

Excerpt from "Moving From a Culture of Death to a Culture of Life: Mobilizing for the People's Climate March" by Ven. Bhikkhu Bodhi (Truthout | Op-Ed):

On September 21, concerned citizens from all across the United States, and from many other lands, will be converging on New York City for the People's Climate March, billed to be the biggest climate march in history. The immediate occasion for the march is the gathering of world leaders at the United Nations for a summit on the climate crisis being convened by the UN Secretary General. The march's purpose is to tell global leaders that the time for denial and delay is over, that we have to act now if we're going to secure the world against the ravages of climate change. The annual COP climate conferences have repeatedly turned out to be cop-outs, carnivals of deception launched with grand rhetoric, but ending in stalemates or hollow promises. People are ready to march in order to show that this won't do. We must recognize that climate disruption is real, that the consequences of inaction will be catastrophic and that the need for swift and effective action is overwhelming. Preserving the crucial life-support systems of planet Earth simply won't be possible with the tiny baby steps that have so far been taken. If we're going to emerge intact, what we need at minimum are binding and enforceable commitments to steep cuts in carbon emissions coupled with a mass-scale transition to renewable sources of energy.

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  1. Dear Friends,

    No doubt, the demand for solutions to climate change will engender some disastrous schemes such as the one below. I pass this on from Sascha Gabizon, executive director of Women International for a Common Future. 

    We need to advocate for a plan, and not leave the solutions to the “experts” for just this reason. After reading the comments and link below, please read this excellent plan:
    for 100% sustainable energy on a global scale by 2030.



    Dear Women, colleagues,
    We need our own call to Action to COUNTER the Letter by Jeffrey Sachs on his
    proposed FALSE CLIMATE SOLUTIONS . His letter is being signed for the
    Climate Summit on the 24th and which promotes carbon-capture/geo-engineering
    and nuclear as solutions, which they are NOT.
    The letter is prepared for Ban Ki Moon's Climate Summit, but it is
    absolutely horrible to see that they call for: 
    " Large-scale deployment of (...), carbon-capture and sequestration, next-
    generation nuclear power plants for those countries deploying nuclear power,
    (....) They can be pushed to commercial readiness and large-scale deployment
    through concerted public and private programs of research, development,
    demonstration, and diffusion (RDD&D) on a global scale."
    This letter is circulating, and I am VERY sorry to see that IUCN, FAS,
    MONARCH, SUNITA NAIREEN, Ted Turner a.o. have apparently already agreed to
    sign it!!! They should try to get this sentence deleted from the letter!
    Is anyone already organizing a counter-petition? 
    Jeffrey Sachs has submitted a report for the Climate Summit in which he
    calls to increase Britain's nuclear power, and on which the letter is
    apparently based
    Those who want to work on this, please let me know.
    For those who want to know more about the un-sustainability and false claims
    of the nuclear industry, there is excellent work done by many organisations,
    you can a.o. also check our WECF website 
    Sascha Gabizon I Executive Director WECF / WICF 

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    Tel Mobile: +49 (0172) 86 37 586
    New address: Korte Elisabethstraat 6, 3511 JG, Utrecht, Netherlands
    Twitter: @WECF_INT ,
    @WECF_NL ,
    Skype: saschagabizon
    WICF/WECF co-facilitates the Women's Major Group for the United Nations
    UN Sustainable Development and Environment processes follow us
    Looking forward to hearing from you,
    Sascha Gabizon I Executive Director WECF / WICF