Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Update from the People's Climate Train by Thanissara

Here's an excerpt from Thanissara's blog from aboard the People's Climate Train:
7.30am, Amtrak rail station, Emeryville East Bay, CA. We arrive into a swirl of people as a great buzz of excitement ripples around the station lobby. James Baraz and Wes Nisker are here to see us off. At the station – our first rally – banners and speeches from a 1st Nation elder, Santiago, from Venezuela, Valerie Love – wondrous all-round organizer from Center for Biological Diversity – Ayya Santussika & Pennie Opal Plant 1st Nation Cherokee who said we are the 'immune system' of the planet rising up... (To read more, click here.)

(l to r: James Baraz, Ayya Santussika, Ayya Santacitta, Milo Burn, Thanissara)

Climate activists boarding the People's Climate Train at the Emeryville Station.

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