Saturday, September 20, 2014

Final Update: People's Climate March Info for Buddhists

For the NYC PC March on September 21, Buddhist Communities will meet on 58th Street between 8th & 9th Avenues, closer to 8th Avenue, at 12 noon. HOWEVER, the 8th Avenue entrance to this block will be closed, so please enter at 9th Avenue. (The official map showing “Interfaith” at 81st St is INCORRECT.)
This is the banner that Buddhists for Climate action will carry in the march.

For those traveling by Subway, we assume the 59th St. Subway station will be very crowded and involve extensive delays. So we advise approaching our gathering place from the south and considering the 50th St. stations for the C train, the E train, or the #1 train. All other marchers will be assembling north of us, using stations at 66th St., 72nd St., etc.

58th Street between 8th & 9th Avenues is the block for the Interfaith Groups, and Buddhist communities will have our own flag to identify us – there will likely be a fair number of people in robes ;-). Also, there will be march volunteers to guide you.
Please be aware that if the march attracts the numbers that we hope it will, the block might become full well before the march starts. We’ll need everybody to be flexible and recognize that if you come to the march location late or the numbers are much larger than expected, you may not be able to march with our group. Arrive early!
The most important thing is that we all show up and march!

Some sanghas will be meeting at their centers or other meeting points and traveling to the march together. You may want to check with friends and sangha members to arrange meeting points outside of Columbus Circle, as the immediate march area will be quite crowded. Have a march “buddy” to make sure you are never too lost or alone. Also, make a plan of where you’ll meet your friends after the march in case you can’t find them and/or your phone battery runs low.
You are invited to:
  • Bring hand-bells & hand-drums (be aware that sticks and metal rods are not allowed in the march);
  • Wear a unifying color in your group (some people are choosing to wear white);
  • Make/bring signs expressing Dharma messages.

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